Why is MFA important?

MFA, otherwise known as multi-factor authentication, is the latest development in the ongoing war against cyber threats. Adopting MFA for your business is the best way to improve Office 365 security and it is relatively simple to install.

The Importance of MFA

Cybersecurity should be at the top of the IT list of priorities for any business, not only to guard against the dangers of malicious hacking activity but also to comply with important legislation responsibilities for any business covered by GDPR or similar rules.

The state of cybersecurity capabilities for businesses both small and large is continually evolving in the face of ever-changing threats. Cyber-attacks have increased exponentially since the early days of the Internet, with hackers and cybercriminals now targeting all forms of data. It means that any organisation not taking its security seriously puts itself at risk as well as all of the third-parties it deals with, whether they be customers, employees or other businesses in their supply chain.

Password security

Passwords have been the first line of defence in computing circles for decades but the laxity in their use, including the use of the same or similar password for several accounts, has led to various exploits being used to malicious ends. In the early years of digital tech, controlling access to systems with sensitive data by passwords was enough if the phrase was strong and used different characters, symbols, and case letters.

However, a computer doesn’t know that its security has been breached if the correct password has been used, and with sophisticated phishing-style attacks and more effective ‘brute force’ software, this is an all-too-common occurrence today.

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA combines several different authentication factors, making it much harder to crack. Depending on the choices of elements involved, it can even make it easier to use than remembering a long list of complicated passwords. To increase the chances of your business being safe from a cyber-attack, all you need to do is implement an MFA solution, which is easy if you are already using Office 365.

As you would expect from a Microsoft flagship product, Office 365 already uses multi-factor authentication to offer great security and peace of mind. As a part of a subscription, a subset of Azure multi-factor authentication capabilities is available, based around the ability to enable and enforce multi-factor authentication for end users.

Second authentication factor options include the use of a mobile app, the use of a phone call, or an SMS text message. Default Microsoft greetings are available as options during authentication phone calls. Different subsets of capabilities are on offer, depending on the subscription you have, and whether your deployment is cloud-only or a hybrid system with single sign-on and Active Directory Federation Services.

Help and advice

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