What is Dynamics 365?

Businesses are now making an inevitable transformation from “on-premise” software to online subscription-based “software as a service”. Dynamics 365 is a topic you should be acquainted with so, whenever you come across it, you can talk intelligently and understand how you can prosper from using it.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a single, flexible, and robust cloud service solution for all business CRM and ERP requirements. Its comprehensive software package handles the majority of business needs using the same look and feel used with Microsoft office, and does so seamlessly. It eliminates the siloed, complicated systems of yesterday, replacing them with a more robust, flexible solution. Microsoft have scored yet again with its new suite of intelligent cloud services.

This new eBook gives you an overview of what to expect: https://dynamics365.gcc.co.uk/microsoft-dynamics-365-for-dummies

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