There is a smarter way to search within CRM

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This blog digs a bit further into the relevance search option in CRM that we mentioned in this prior blog Dynamics 365 CRM – New Search Option – GCC Blog.

Natural Language Searches

Searches can be performed by using natural language, making searches far easier for your users.

For example search on “opportunities closing next month”


Smarter Searching

Search is smart and forgives common spelling mistakes. For example, when you search for “william conact” the search will show the contact record with name William, even though the word contact is misspelled.

It also has support for common abbreviations and synonyms, you can search for your information the way you remember them, not the way it is stored.

Common name variations like Bob/Robert are matched with either search term.

Search terms with abbreviations like “active accts” are interpreted semantically as active accounts.

Further Filtering

On your search results screen a context sensitive filter pane appears on the right side of the screen to allow you to refine the returned results.


Search Terms

Search on a combination of terms using the + operator, which performs an AND search and shows results containing all the individual terms separated by +. For example, alpine + paul returns the contact record Paul Cannon related to account record Alpine Ski House.

Similarly, the OR operator can be indicated by separating terms with a |. For example, searching for alpine | paul returns records with reference to either term.

Use wildcards for operators such as begins-with and ends-with. Using an asterisk (*) at the beginning or end of a keyword makes the asterisk a placeholder for zero or more characters. For example, searching on *winery will show results for all records associated with a keyword that ends with winery.

Use double quotes around a keyword to perform an exact match. Search ignores common used words such as thean, and, a. To improve matching, use double quotes and force an exact match for your search. For example, searching on “Call back for resolution (sample)” will match the exact keywords.

How do I get this?

Your system needs to be configured behind the scenes for “Relevance Search” as you may be set to be using “Categorised Search”.  The “Relevance Search” would then need to be configured for which areas the search is conducted in.  If you are the D365 system administrator then you will be able to do this, otherwise please get in touch and we can assist you in the set up.

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