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Are you about to run a year end in Sage 50?

There are just five steps for running a year end in Sage 50. We have put together a helpful video as a reminder of what you need to do.

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Date 17 June 2021 Categories
Have you inherited a Sage 50 Accounting structure that isn’t fit for purpose?

In Sage 50 all of the financial reporting is based upon the nominal code structure. As default when you add a new nominal code, the next number in the sequence is automatically chosen. If you have inherited a nominal code structure, or you are using the Sage default structure, it may not look exactly how you want.

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Date 1 June 2021 Categories
Are deleted transactions distracting your view of the real numbers?

If you have deleted transactions in Sage they can distract your view of the real numbers, you can now hide these easily. Read more >

Date 5 May 2021 Categories
Are you unable to login to Sage because the system thinks you are already logged in?

If your computer or Server has crashed or rebooted whilst you are logged into Sage, you may find yourself locked out. Read more >

Date 28 April 2021 Categories
Do you have a discrepancy on a bank account between your base currency balance and your non-base currency balance?

There are occasions where the foreign balance of a bank account in Sage 50 Accounts correctly shows zero, but the sterling balance doesn’t. This is due to exchange rate variations in the bank account activity and you simply need to revalue your bank account using the Foreign Bank Revaluation wizard.

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Date 5 April 2021 Categories