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Disable Basic Authentication to improve Office 365 security

beverage-blog-blogger-1799342 NCSecurity issues are a paramount concern for business. Personal accounts used by anyone in any capacity also need to be set up properly to minimise exposure to risk. For users of Microsoft’s industry-leading software, Office 365, there is a valuable trick that you might not know about. Turning off basic authentication can make Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) far more efficient.

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Date 22 February 2019 Categories
Biggest threats to data security are in your business

It might not be comfortable to know, but the biggest threat to your data security is already in your business. If you have ever wondered how hackers gain access to systems, it doesn’t always involve hi-tech gadgets or knowledge. More than 90% of these type of attacks begin with emails that are not what they seem, which then rely on human responses to trick their way through your defences. Read more >

Date 29 November 2018 Categories
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