SMBs are vulnerable cybersecurity targets

There used to be some truth in the idea that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) simply weren’t worth the trouble for hackers, but the reality of the increasingly common cybercrime taking place today means that this is no longer the case. SMBs are now increasingly in the sights of both individuals and organised criminals with malicious intent because they often present easier access opportunities than larger companies due to not them not paying enough attention to cybersecurity and putting sufficient preventative measures in place.

Range of attacks

There are now so many types of cyber-attack that it can be difficult to keep up – ransomware, phishing, and social engineering are all exploited by hackers looking to gain access to data and systems belonging to small businesses across the trading spectrum.

The biggest mistake is to think that you are not at risk because, in economic terms, cybercrime is currently bigger than the sum of all other forms of organised crime on an international basis. Not only that but hackers are more likely to target companies which aren’t in the spotlight as much as larger enterprises and which may not have properly trained cybersecurity experts in their workforce who know how to prevent such hacking attempts.

Cost and risk

The reason that SMBs are now targeted in such numbers is that many think the costs of ensuring they have adequate protection outweigh the risks. This is wrong on many levels, but the bottom line is that simple and effective cybersecurity measures can be implemented with very little outlay.

Making sure software is regularly updated with the latest patches, and that systems are using in-built security functions is a relatively easy task, which can be outsourced at little cost, if necessary. Training staff to become ‘security aware’ need not be time-consuming or expensive, as much of it comes down to using common sense and keeping an eye open for suspicious activity.

IT services

IT services cover a range of activities and ensuring your business has the best security solution can be as easy as finding a provider that takes your needs seriously and offers peace of mind as part of its package. It can come in many forms, from using systems to alert specialist staff that a problem may be occurring to offering a fast response help-desk operation to walk clients through a process to ensure safety.

Automation can play a part in allowing remote orchestration of a full spectrum cybersecurity policy, but sometimes the human touch is needed to give clients a sense that something positive is being done.

Malicious activity

There are no simple scenarios that cover all the types of malicious activity to which SMBs can fall prey, which is why having a trusted third-party to give advice and offer proactive measures is key to knowing your business is protected. At GCC, we pride ourselves on taking this approach, and the responsive support we provide covers both software and hardware problems. Get in touch today to find out how we can help your business operate as safely and securely as possible.

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