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Sage 200 version 2018.00 / 12.00.0020 – Summer 2018, introduced Sales Ledger Alerts, which can be used to pop-up a message to users when they are creating new customer documents such as sales orders, invoices, quotations, etc. to remind the user of something they should do or bear in mind.

How do I do this?

1.Alert messages are set in the customer account record:

Sales Ledger >> Sales Accounts >> Amend Account Details > select the required customer account, or

Sales Ledger >> Customer List > select/highlight the customer in the list > click Amend Account in the top short-cut bar

2.Having selected the customer account, click on the right-hand tab ‘Alerts’

3.Click New button at the bottom

4.Enter in the Customer Alert box the message you would like to pop-up


5.Then in Forms Displayed In, select the forms where the message should pop-up, the options are as below:

If you are selecting all options, click the Select All button at the bottom

~ Enter/Amend Invoice (Invoicing)                         ~ Enter/Amend Credit Note (Invoicing)

~ Enter/Amend Sales Order                                      ~ Enter/Amend Return

~ Enter/Amend Quotations                                       ~ Enter/Amend Pro Formas

~ Customer Price Enquiry                                          ~ Enter/Amend Bill (Project Accounting)

If you want to make the alert active straight away, tick ‘Make this alert active’

6.Click OK

You will now see your alert in the main area


7.You can add more than one alert if you wish

Alerts can be made Active or Inactive by using the toggle button Set as active or Set as inactive

Active notes will pop-up the alert message, Inactive notes do not pop-up the message though can be made Active if needed in the future

8.When finished click Save

The Alert Message

In this example we are creating a new sales order in sales order processing module

As soon as the customer account is selected, the active alert messages will immediately pop-up


Click OK to close the Alerts window

If the Alerts window is closed and you would like to see the message again, click the View alerts icon to the right of the Code field


Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or

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