Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Professional licence

Introduced towards the end of 2018, Microsoft's Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is a relatively new element of the industry-leading software suite. If you are not yet familiar with the options... Read more >

Date 27 February 2019 Categories GCC
What is malware and how can I protect my business?

There are plenty of terms bandied about by IT professionals and the media, which it seems that you are expected to know, but sometimes even the most common can be misunderstood. The problem is... Read more >

Date 25 February 2019 Categories IT Support, GCC, IT Security
Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Unified Interface

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Interface (UI) for Customer Engagement (CE) has been around for a little while. We’re now getting nearer the point when it’s going to become the only interface for... Read more >

Disable Basic Authentication to improve Office 365 security

Security issues are a paramount concern for business. Personal accounts used by anyone in any capacity also need to be set up properly to minimise exposure to risk. For users of Microsoft's... Read more >

Date 22 February 2019 Categories IT Support, GCC, IT Security
How GCC protects itself with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure

  Background As you might expect, GCC uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to run its own internal accounting system and key operational services. One area of potential concern for... Read more >

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales?

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales? Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a buzz phrase in IT circles for some time, but it seems that end-users are finally getting the chance to use its... Read more >

Making Tax Digital for VAT in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central has functionality to create VAT reports (and VAT Returns). The Making Tax Digital VAT features extend this foundational VAT capability to allow for communication with HMRC. The... Read more >

Making Tax Digital and Dynamics 365 Business Central

If your business uses Dynamics 365 Business Central, you are already well placed to meet compliance standards and fulfil regulatory demands. However, from time-to-time, the government introduces... Read more >

Dynamics 365 for Sales: Expectations vs Reality

When you use software tools that are aimed at helping sales for your business, there is always a major dilemma. This revolves around how you can judge the claims made for its functionality... Read more >

Date 07 February 2019
Defend against password spray attacks

Even if you consider yourself tech-savvy enough to be up to date with the most common security risks and concerns, there will always be a new threat or buzzword phrase that may be unfamiliar. One... Read more >

Date 28 January 2019 Categories IT Security
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