Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Dummies

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"Your Office 365 account is about to be deleted"

At GCC, we pride ourselves on keeping our customers up to date on the latest threats to their cybersecurity. One way this works is to ensure there is always a clear channel of two-way... Read more >

Date 26 April 2019 Categories IT Security
Employees - the biggest threat to your cybersecurity

The issue of cybersecurity is a priority for every business operating in today's trading environment. Not only are there compliance obligations to meet, such as those set out in the GDPR... Read more >

Date 25 April 2019 Categories GCC, IT Security
How the Internet of Things will affect SMBs

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for some time now, but it is one of those ideas that has had to wait for tech to catch up. Now, it finally seems to be time for IoT to... Read more >

Date 25 April 2019
OneDrive phishing scam? How to get protected

The dangers of phishing attacks are becoming more well known, but the many ways in which they can be carried out is still taking some unwary businesses by surprise. Even if you think you are... Read more >

Date 25 April 2019 Categories IT Support, IT Security
How’s your 'Bring Your Own Device' policy?

It is often said that the smartphones most of us carry around in our pockets has more computational power than was available to the Apollo Astronauts during the moon landings. However much truth... Read more >

Date 03 April 2019 Categories IT Security
How are you getting on with GDPR these days?

The four letters GDPR caused quite a lot of concern almost a year ago. If you were one of the business people who found it difficult to get to grips with, you were not alone. Getting the... Read more >

Date 01 April 2019 Categories GCC
What is Dynamics 365?

Businesses are now making an inevitable transformation from “on-premise” software to online subscription-based “software as a service”. Dynamics 365 is a topic you should be acquainted with so,... Read more >

Date 22 March 2019 Categories Dynamics 365
Windows 7 PCs must be replaced by end of year

When you get used to using popular software, such as Windows 7, it can be hard to make the effort to change and upgrade, but sometimes events dictate action. Across the board, software providers... Read more >

Date 18 March 2019 Categories IT Support, GCC, IT Security
Can I protect my business against Office 365 phishing scams?

Everyone knows that there are constantly evolving threats to data security and risks of digital incursions that face businesses today, with phishing attacks being one of the most dangerous. As you... Read more >

Date 15 March 2019 Categories GCC, IT Security
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