GDPR and data governance will affect many British businesses

The European Parliament has approved the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It will come into effect nine months from now, in May 2018.

In case you are under the impression that this will soon be irrelevant for British firms since the country is leaving the EU, the GDPR not only applies to businesses located within the EU, but also to firms situated outside the EU that sell products or services to, or oversee the actions of, EU data subjects.

So how can a British business best prepare itself for the GDPR? Read more >

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Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 right for my company?

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Since the release of Dynamics 365, many British businesses have undoubtedly asked themselves whether this new cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is the right solution for them. Read more >

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Why Switch to Office 365

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Microsoft Office 365 was launched in 2011 and over the last few years it has grown to become the most popular enterprise cloud service in the world. GCC has been migrating businesses onto Office 365 for the last five years. Office 365 is changing the way businesses work. We’ve put together a short list of reasons why you’d be better off if you make the move to Office 365 supported by GCC. GCC can supply licensing, handle billing, migrate legacy emails and provide full setup and Support. Read more >

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Set up Office 365 file storage and sharing

One of the best ways to set up file storage and sharing for your business is to use OneDrive for Business and an Office 365 team site together. This is ideal if you have a small business with a few employees.

Office 365 includes a basic team site for you to get started. You can immediately start storing files in OneDrive for Business and collaborating on files in your team site. Read more >

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Safeguard your business

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Microsoft: Ransomware attack is a wake-up call

As you know, thousands of organisations in the UK and overseas have been caught out by a ransomware attack called WannaCry, also known as WanaCrypt0r 2.0 and WCry. The malicious software locks data and then demands payment of up to $300 (£230) in Bitcoin, a demand which doubles in 3 days, before it will restore locked files. Some security experts warn that there is no guarantee that full access to locked files will be granted even after a payment has been made.

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Microsoft Office 365 – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch to other Office 365 plans?

Yes, if you need to upgrade you can transition your account to a different plan, such as moving from Office 365 Business to Office 365 Enterprise.

Can I mix and match different Office 365 plans?

Yes, as long as the license usage limitations are not exceeded; for example you can’t have more than 300 users on Business Essentials or Business Premium.

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