The 7 stages of upgrading your IT system

For many SME’s, there comes a time when upgrades make logical sense. If you have outgrown the capacity of your current IT network, or you need to bring your company’s technology up to speed, system overhauls can radically improve your operational efficiency, increase the capacity for sales and therefore raise profits.

But how should you go about making these changes? Read more >

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The risks and benefits of cloud computing

Cloud computing has become the buzzword of our time. If you own an SME, you might sometimes be bewildered by all the technical, financial, and security concerns that come with it. In what follows we set out the benefits and risks of this technology. Read more >

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What is ‘IoT’ and why would I want my fridge to order milk anyway?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that has been talked about for some time now, but headlines about “connected fridges” and “smart lighting” do not really give consumers or enterprises any idea about how exactly the tech will change their daily lives or business processes. Read more >

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Simplifying overseas sales — How Sage makes compliance easier

When you first launch your business, the prospect of expanding into foreign markets might seem like a dream that could never come true — but what if it soon becomes a reality? Read more >

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All we want for Christmas

Well, hello there. Santa here!

Do forgive me for taking a break from building toys, sleigh maintenance and reindeer training for a moment. But I couldn’t ignore the very kind invitation extended to me by the staff over at GCC. They wondered whether I’d share a guest post for their blog, and I was only too happy to oblige. Well, there are only so many jingle bells a person can tolerate before they need to squirrel themselves away for a little peace and quiet. I’ve a steaming mug of mulled wine, and access to one of the elves’ laptops – now, where should I begin…?

Oh yes, that’s it, I wanted to share the GCC staff Christmas list with you. There’s a wealth of gift inspiration contained within its pages, you see. The team’s in for quite the bumper Christmas – if they can stay on my ‘nice list’, that is! Unsurprisingly, the desire for connected homes and interactive appliances is huge this year. Read more >

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Why IT procurement services save you time and money

If your business consists of you and a single laptop you might think this article is not for you. But read on, because one day it might be big enough to run a variety of desktop computers, laptops, servers, printers, scanners and other devices. And that’s when the headaches really start. Read more >

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Improving your sales process with MS Dynamics

Some entrepreneurs remain sceptical about the benefits of CRM technology. Whenever a new system emerges promising huge advances in customer relationship management, they quite rightly ask how this particular software could improve the way in which they engage with their customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was developed to provide an unmatched level of support for the sales process, right from acquiring a fresh lead to the close of the sale. The software makes provision for storing the contact data for new leads, tracking the follow-up interaction, and eventually qualifying the lead into a contact, account or opportunity. Read more >

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Five benefits of using licence and warranty management services

With the advent of cloud computing, a new software subscription concept is becoming very popular among business of all sizes. It is called SAS, or Software as a Service. It allows companies to rent software on a monthly or yearly basis.

SAS offers flexibility and cost reduction benefits. However, failure to renew the contract in time means that the software could cease to work, or you might be liable for stiff penalties.

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What puts the ‘extra’ in Sage 200 Extra?

There is a plethora of business management systems available on the market. Selecting a versatile, comprehensive, and affordable option is a difficult decision. By choosing Sage 200, companies gain greater control over their entire operations. It is an innovative management tool that increases efficiency, saves time, and increases profitability. We have compiled a list of specific highlights to help you integrate Sage 200 into your business operations.

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The principles behind prioritising business IT spending

In a September news article, we reported that the average British business spends £200,000 per year on new technology. During a time of economic adversity, IT expenditures and technology purchases must not be undertaken lightly. Sometimes difficult decisions arise from these type of scenarios, but today we will establish certain criteria which should make these IT spending choices easier. 

Align outlays with business priorities

A few years ago, a leading Asia-Pacific bank conducted a study into what percentage of its IT spending was directly aiding its core business activities. The results showed that 33% of these expenses did not directly align with business priorities. Read more >

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