The benefits of an intranet for your SME

Smaller enterprises have traditionally been known for their excellent internal collaboration and communication. A small number of workers in a relatively small space meant that everyone knew what... Read more >

Date 18 June 2018
Considerations when designing a backup schedule

It is highly recommended for every organisation to design and implement a backup schedule to guard against data loss. The plan should include making sure that the backup has indeed been created, and... Read more >

Date 18 June 2018
Touchscreen for business – how useful is it really?

In the past, the SME community might have regarded touchscreen devices as a novelty, something that distracts people from ‘real’ work. Nowadays, however, touchscreen laptops are becoming... Read more >

Date 18 June 2018
What VOIP is and how it can benefit your SME

VOIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. This technology enables users to virtually eliminate expensive 3G and landline calls by making calls via broadband internet. The way VOIP works is... Read more >

Date 18 June 2018
What is SaaS?

You have undoubtedly already encountered the term SaaS. You might even know that it stands for ‘Software as a Service’. But what exactly what is it, and how does it compare with packaged software? ... Read more >

Date 26 April 2018
3D Printing: a fun fad or essential for small businesses?

3D printers have been in the news for all the right (or wrong) reasons recently. A while ago headlines proclaimed that MIT has printed ‘SoFi’ robotic fish for underwater observation. And a news... Read more >

Date 24 April 2018
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: what it could do for your business

On 2 April 2018, Microsoft launched Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the UK, after spending a year on developing it under the code name ‘Dynamics 365 Tenerife’. Business Central is the new... Read more >

Date 24 April 2018
How Microsoft can help you reduce risks and achieve GDPR compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force throughout the European Union on 25 May. With the deadline drawing ever closer, the internet is already packed full of scare stories... Read more >

Date 13 April 2018
Interview with a GCC IT Support Engineer – Part Two

Today we continue our interview with GCC Service Desk Support Technician Richard Vermont. Last month we explored his background and the skillset that led him to the IT sector. In this second part,... Read more >

Date 26 March 2018
How Office for Windows 10 mobile can benefit your business

The Office Mobile suite comprises the whole range of Microsoft Office applications – including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook. But, they have been specifically designed for Windows 10... Read more >

Date 20 March 2018