SMB cybersecurity trends

As with most other aspects of today's technological world and the way it impacts on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), cybersecurity is subject to changing trends. As one of the key... Read more >

Date 17 September 2019 Categories IT Security
Passwords don't matter anymore

With the increasing uptake of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), the age of the password seems to be coming to an end. MFA adds extra levels of security to log in and access platforms and devices,... Read more >

Date 16 September 2019 Categories IT Security
The future computed: Artificial Intelligence and its role in society

AI technology will likely transform nearly every aspect of our lives over the next few decades. To ensure this change is positive, it's important to start having conversations now about how to... Read more >

Date 13 September 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
4 top tips for staying safe online

In today's interconnected world, there can be no doubt that staying safe online should be a priority for both individuals and businesses. If you run a small business, it doesn't just mean looking... Read more >

Date 13 September 2019 Categories IT Support, IT Security
Why patching can be hard

As a business owner, you might be worried about your cybersecurity – whether your systems are keeping up with those of your rivals or struggling to stay on top of suggestions from IT advisors.... Read more >

Date 13 September 2019 Categories IT Support
Sage are changing their Sage 200c licencing model

Sage have announced that will be changing their Sage 200c licence model from perpetual to subscription only. This means that businesses will pay for all Sage 200c licences on a monthly basis. Read more >

Date 09 September 2019 Categories Sage 200cloud
Helping Small Businesses Protect Their Greatest Asset-Their Data

Knowing your customer data is secure can free you up to do what you do best--and put your focus on customers and employees. That's where the right tools and tech come in. Support for Windows 7 and... Read more >

Date 06 September 2019 Categories IT Security
Business Central support, including annual upgrades and fixed prices

Dynamics 365 Business Central from Microsoft is one of the most popular software packages for small and medium-sized organisations. This is because it has been developed and optimised specifically... Read more >

Benefits of using document capture with Business Central

One of the advantages of using a good ERP software system for your business is that it can enable you to use a Document Capture facility, which can help automate paper processes both when... Read more >

Date 20 August 2019 Categories Dynamics 365
How To Determine if Your Brand Would Benefit From a Chatbot?

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more apparent. Thanks to smartphones, individuals interact with the technology on a daily basis without even knowing.... Read more >

Date 16 August 2019 Categories IT Support
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