Overview of Dynamics 365 Business Central April ’19 release

One of the most popular and versatile software solutions on the market is Dynamics 365 Business Central. If you already use the Dynamics 365 suite, you’ll be pleased to hear that a major new update has added many enhancements. The Business Central April ’19 release updates the original, which was launched in April last year, and follows on from the October release of on-premises deployments. This latest set of tweaks and new features means that savvy business users will now be able to do even more with the ease of use and functionality they are already familiar with.


Existing users know that using the web interface in the browser, or the modern Windows App for a desktop, allows versatility when applying Business Central to the unique needs and requirements of their operations. Even so, various improvements in the latest release address productivity issues in a new way.

Microsoft has boosted the way that keyboard-centric scenarios, such as data entry and analysis, can be managed. It allows greater personalisation and the ability to sort lists using the keyboard. Navigating data fields and related groups is also faster and more intuitive.


Features related to the customer context have also been under the spotlight for the developers, resulting in new items such as a contextual work date indicator. Options allowing advanced users to be more hands-on in their approach to productivity have also been added, with the new focus mode being prominent, together with improved search capabilities.

Customer feedback

When releasing these types of update packages, one of Microsoft’s main aims is to take the feedback they receive from their customers into account. One good example of this is the way that filters in Excel export have been adapted to include an easy Open in Excel option, and the common auto-save experience now includes a new autosave indicator. Various elements of the interface have also been re-imagined, with a refreshed action bar and all-product navigation being points of note.


If you run a small or medium-sized business (SMB), you need the software you use to be as reliable and dependable as that demanded by larger organisations. Business Central now runs much faster and has a renewed focus on scenarios typical for many businesses across the spectrum, and the kind of usage patterns that they share.

As AI becomes more common in a wider range of applications, future releases will feature innovations in this area in greater detail. Intelligent insights, such as late payment prediction, will become enhanced in AI for Sales apps, and the AI cloud will be integrated further into the system.

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