YourPhone app speeds photo sync between Android and PC

This week, Microsoft announced the release of Insider Preview Build 17728 for Windows 10. The most notable improvement is the YourPhone app, which enables users to sync photos between their Android devices and PCs. It will be a huge bonus to people who often take photos for both business and private purposes and, until now, have faced the hurdle of having to transfer them to their PC. With the YourPhone app, your photos will be automatically synced to your PC.

YourPhone will come in handy for those using Word or PowerPoint a lot because it allows them to drag and drop images into these applications for use in presentations or to edit.

The Microsoft post promised that Android users might soon see a desktop pin directly linked to the YourPhone app to allow fast access to the device’s content. For now, the app can only be installed by Windows Insiders in the Fast ring. It requires Android 7.0 or higher.

Although the YourPhone app is aimed at Android users, iPhone owners with Windows PCs will now, if they are reading a web page on their iPhone, be able to quickly send that page to their PC to continue reading on the larger screen.

Windows Insiders can use the app on the test build version of Windows Server 2019 to improve syncing between their Android devices and PCs. Since the feature allows for quick access to Microsoft Office software such as PowerPoint, business users can quickly transfer images from their phones to use in presentations.

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