Windows 10 update, Surface Phone could soon be announced

Microsoft could announce a Windows 10 update in less than three weeks when it hosts its developer conference at the beginning of May.

The Build 2018 event is mainly a conference aimed at developers, and it gives Microsoft a chance to provide this community with a look into what could be expected soon.

In 2017, the firm gave a sneak preview of its new Microsoft Fluent Design System – the fresh design language it developed to make Windows 10 look a bit more modern.

Little is known of what to expect from Build 2018. The recent Windows 10 update had to be withdrawn earlier in April when a disastrous bug was discovered, and it is unknown when the patched version will be released. It will include software features such as HDR support, Timeline, more Fluent Design upgrades and dictation.

The company earlier commenced testing the next update with the codename ‘Redstone 5’ internally.

The main claim to fame of this update is tabbed apps. More details will probably be released during Build 2018.

Although the firm is unlikely to announce new hardware at Build 2018, it’s not impossible. In 2015, for example, it previewed the HoloLens headset.

Microsoft’s CEO hinted it could be the ‘ultimate mobile device. Earlier the Microsoft Asia Research Institute discussed [the lack of] support for Cortana on Android devices and said this was because of the absence of permissions.

In the same post they said they were eagerly anticipating the ‘perfect performance of Cortana on the Surface phone’, but later added that they didn’t know if there would be such a phone.