Volkswagen announces $4 billion cloud computing architecture for vehicles

Leading car manufacturer Volkswagen has confirmed plans for installing a new cloud computing architecture in its vehicles, which is set to cost the manufacturer up to $4 billion. The plan, which comes into force by 2025, looks at how they can improve the technological capability of their cars, as well as work with digital businesses to add to their offering.

One of the main introductions will be an increased facilitation of car sharing, which it says will be enabled by the cloud, allowing vehicles and customers to connect easier. Volkswagen also announced that they are set to launch a new operating system in 2020, named “vw.OS”, and it will be capable of enabling autonomous driving. It is set to implement it in all new electric cars at the start of the next decade.

One of the main benefits is to bring together the large number of separate sensors they currently have and allow them to operate under one banner. As an example, this will now let the car park itself, given that it will have access to the onboard camera, steering wheel, and brakes.

The car manufacturer also confirmed one of the benefits of using cloud computing was that it would make it easier to issue updates for its sensors when they fell under the same architecture. When each sensor was sorted by a third party, it could make it more difficult to have them all working efficiently, and has led to problems in the past.