VMWare picks up AetherPal to deliver additional remote support

GCCNEWS-070219-1It has been a busy few months for acquisitions in the cloud computing sector. As many of the big players look to step up their game and improve their cloud offering, the need to widen the scope of their capabilities has increased.

Now VMWare, owned by Dell, has bought AetherPal, a remote fixing software that allows IT support and analysts to sort out issues remotely rather than having to visit the location. When it comes to cloud technology, which means that people can work further away but still work off the same data, being able to fix it along the lines of the same tech is essential. Although such technology has been prevalent throughout the last decade, the introduction of new aspects, such as IoT, and endpoint users, means that there is a need for the fixing software to keep up with the trends.

The senior VP and general manager for VMWare at their end-user computing division, Shankar Iyer, said that when more devices were continually thrown into the mix, it was harder for IT servers to keep track of everything and keep it in smooth working order. Iyer said it was: “significant for organizations managing purpose-built and ruggedized devices used in mission-critical operations out in the field, factory, warehouse or retail store.”

On this basis, he spoke of how being able to support teams remotely when big operations were underway was essential to “successful workforce transformation initiatives,” and would go a long way towards enabling “a digital workspace platform.”