VMware double acquisition boosts cloud computing and enterprise

Cloud infrastructure giant, VMware, has expanded its reach in the sector with a double pick-up of two companies in the space. It has put around $4billion down in total to acquire both Pivotal Software, a cloud-native platform, and Carbon Black, an endpoint security software company. This allows VMware to move deeper into working with cloud-native enterprises and securing extra space away from the moves of the biggest three tech companies in cloud computing.

The twin acquisition gives VMware a double edge, with advances into enterprise-level cloud networking backed up by enhanced security for Big Data and cloud technologies in general. This could boost VMware in the market, as it reacts positively to what is quite an aggressive intake at once into its business strategy.

Such is the rapid change in cloud computing at present that it seems to differ month-by-month in projected capability, revenue earnings, and percentage of profit at the biggest tech companies. As machine learning and artificial intelligence become more commonplace, it seems there is no current outer limit to what the sector can achieve.

VMware said in a press release that it aims to create an integrated app portfolio for clients using its software packages, as the next-generation development at Pivotal can be aligned alongside its current Kubernetes capabilities. Using the protection suite from Carbon Black, VMware is also looking to cement its status as a provider of all cloud solutions with the next generation of security provisions.