Updated Windows 10 version for Skip Ahead Insiders

The latest news from Microsoft is that the company has released Windows 10 Preview Build 17643 for Insiders who opted to get builds from the Skip Ahead ring.

This is the 6th Windows 10 feature update and it includes a number of upgrades to Data Sense, Microsoft Edge and Magnifier. Apart from various bug fixes and improvements, it also comes with the latest ‘Sets’ feature that enables users to create one tabbed window that contains a number of applications.

Users will now be able to use the Sets facility with Office 365, provided they are subscribers and have the latest Office 365 Desktop apps version. The company said: "Sets with Office 365 makes it easy to group, recall, and refresh data sources for all your projects."

Users who have an active Sets tab can now drag an Edge window in there, and they can also drop it into another Sets window – but they cannot drag things between an existing Sets window and a separate Edge window.

Microsoft Edge’s Web Driver has now become an FoD (Feature on Demand). The aim with this is to end one of current users’ biggest problems with binary mismatches, since Feature on Demand was designed to match the branch/build/flavour, and this system has now been integrated into Windows.

Microsoft has also updated the Data Usage Settings, which now provides SIM card support. This enables users to view the amount of data they are using when roaming. The info will be available the moment they begin to use roaming data.

In response to user requests, the new version also keeps the mouse at the centre of the screen when full-screen mode is activated. This option can be activated from the Settings tab and users can easily follow the mouse cursor, which is very useful when the screen is magnified.

The latest update also introduces zoom levels of 5% and 10%.