Unpredictable costs listed as biggest cloud concern

With so many different potential aspects listed for why companies should pick up cloud technology, it could muddy the waters if not made clear what benefits are needed for which type of business.

Not everyone needs a multi-hybrid cloud approach, and not all need bespoke solutions tailored to every need. But, despite the good things each of these approaches can bring, they can sound complicated and costly. Recent research with CIOs and IT Managers suggests that the biggest concern is the costs of these new cloud solutions. 37% of respondents said this was their number one problem, followed by security.

In many ways, this is not surprising because if they cannot get new cloud opportunities past existing budgets, it can be hard to clear even if digital optimisations mean long-term cost savings. Many analysts now say the best way to do this is to ensure that companies are aware of the return of investment (ROI) for what they are installing. Otherwise, there is little way to measure the effectiveness of what they are putting in, and indeed what may be needed to improve on it.

Some of the latest theories show the only way to do this is to monitor what new cloud environments are adapted, and if there are any changes to old ones. There also needs to be a way to track user services and what applications are being used, so better insight can be taken from it. That way, costs should become more predictable.