UK hosting company acquired by cloud computing firm

In a further sign that even smaller companies are becoming aware of the many benefits of hybrid cloud computing solutions, it seems that plenty of firms are now looking to get in on the act. Recent trends indicate that the market is not too far from the kind of tipping point that heralds a dramatic shift to embracing new technologies, and now some are looking to get there ahead of time.

One such business deal means that Bytemark, a York-based hosting company, has now been snapped up by a company listed on the AIM stock exchange. iomart, based in Glasgow, has many international clients and a global reach. Its turnover in the last financial year was just shy of £100 million.

The team who brokered the deal said: “iomart has certainly added a very successful and innovative company to its already extensive cloud hosting portfolio.” The move could shake up the market, as the companies that become aware of the chance to get an all-in-one offering may look to migrate their services to a company like this.

With current trends indicating that more companies are looking to optimise and streamline their businesses by making the most of the exciting new technologies on offer, there is scope for expansion for many of the cloud computing teams out there.

The benefits are numerous, ranging from saving resources to making huge cost savings through efficiency measures. With more businesses now coming in line, rates are likely to get more competitive too.

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