UK cloud adoption rises above EU counterparts

In one of the strongest signs yet that the UK is picking up the pace on cloud technology, a recent report found indications that the UK is equal to some of the world leaders in cloud adoption.

The news, from the European Statistical Office, suggests that just over 40% of UK businesses have adopted cloud in some form. For enterprises in the EU, this stands at just over a quarter, showing the difference in the level of technology some countries are embracing over others.

One reason that Europe is so high is due to Scandinavia, where using cloud technology is becoming close to the norm, something that the UK still has to aspire to. Finland, for example, has a 65% cloud adoption rate, showing how far some countries have to go if the average is at 26.2% and how far the figures could be skewed by some prioritising it and others barely registering interest. Compared to 2014, these same data types show the UK has increased its cloud implementation, rising 17.9% during that time.

Speaking on the latest news, Magdalena Kaminska and Maria Smihily of Eurostat, said that one of the reasons cloud was becoming so popular was because it “is one of the strategic digital technologies considered important enablers for productivity and better services.” Put simply, it is something that needs to be brought in first, before adding extra useful tools to the mix.