Survey reveals issues that give UK IT managers nightmares

More than 50% of British organisations view convincing their organisations to commit as the single biggest hurdle to switching to digital. This is according to a new Computing research project.

The company posed the following question to 130 IT decision makers: "What do you consider to be the biggest challenges in moving digital business in your organisation"?

The vast majority (55%) stated that ‘getting the organisation committee to support the required change’ was the main hurdle they faced.

In second place was finding the necessary funding for the initiative (44%). Finding the appropriate skills was a problem for 43% of respondents, while 37% found securing the correct technologies a challenge.

The researchers recommended the following: "with strategy and leadership in place, businesses can start using tools and services to make the most of the data they hold. Such tools and services should not be bought on spec.”

A great way to start, the report added, is by clearly setting out what the organisation currently has in place, and what the desired capabilities are. This will help workers across the organisation to better understand the transformation process.

The most serious difficulty around data in an organisation was reported as ‘integrating data between existing systems and databases’, with 25% of participants finding this problematic. About 14% of respondents found enhancing data quality to be rather difficult, and another 14% said securing data was their single biggest challenge.

Analysing data, extracting valuable insights from unstructured data and utilising data in the business process also gave nightmares to a relatively high percentage of respondents.