Service quality and bundles trump costs in network solutions

Cost is no longer the primary consideration for IT decision makers when looking for the best network solutions and providers as they are now placing a greater focus on reliability, quality of service and security due to the growing demands of modern enterprises.

That is the major takeaway from a new survey published by CenturyLink. IT systems are now at the core of almost every business process in the digital age, so it is no surprise that both SMEs and larger corporations want features that add value and drive competitiveness rather than opting for a low cost option.

“As IT professionals work to meet the increasingly complex technology demands of their organizations, they are looking to deploy versatile networks that can scale with company growth,” CenturyLink director of marketing, Eric Barrett said. “Regardless of the type of networking technology being utilized, reliability, security and quality are the driving factors when selecting a solutions provider.”

Bundled network solutions are growing in popularity as almost half of the respondents said they prefer to purchase services in this way, rather than selecting a single solution. There is also a pressing need for more bandwidth to support the Internet of Things as 30% said they would need “significantly more” bandwidth by the end of the decade, while eight in ten agreed they would at least need more.

The survey of IT professionals in the United States also found that the majority are using Ethernet to support business critical workloads and applications including cloud hosted solutions and big data analytics.