SAP picks Microsoft for deeper cloud partnership

The software service company SAP has picked Microsoft as its extended cloud partner while the big enterprises link up further deals.

The cloud computing market has flourished in recent years, and it seems the larger players have opted to look beyond mergers and acquisitions to cement their place in the market.

Part of the drive for SAP is its Embrace programme, launched in May, as a hyper-scale service for public clouds, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

The German company said that it aims to help clients become ‘intelligent enterprises’ as a result of accessing the benefits of the biggest public cloud companies, and not become tied to one package.

As part of this, comes SAP’s intent for a ‘preferred cloud’ partner to help increase its involvement in such an initiative, with speeding up the adoption of certain cloud services from SAP being a core aim.

The company confirmed it does not yet intend on rolling this out to all the big cloud providers, and will work with Microsoft for now.

Some aspects in the pipeline include simplifying the onboarding process to move from on-premise solutions to cloud software and create a clearer ‘roadmap to the cloud for customers in focused industries’.

Streamlined integration and better support models will also be areas of focus.

The move from SAP follows a similar one from VMware to strengthen relations with some of the biggest cloud providers.

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