Report says a quarter of European businesses using cloud

Despite much talk about cloud technology and its expected adoption, it appears that it may not have kicked off in the way as reported in some areas. Some of the latest data says that just a quarter of enterprises in Europe are utilising the cloud. It is not to say that a new era will not be heralded in during the next decade, where the likes of Gartner have signified they are backing majority adoption before 2030 arrives. But there is still a way to go before that becomes a reality.

Major companies have taken up more of the spotlight for cloud developments than ever, with mergers and acquisitions allowing the biggest players to position themselves best for the greatest amount of custom.

The top three countries revealed some interesting admissions, with the UK coming sixth on the list of nations who have most embraced cloud technology. The top three came from Scandinavia, with Finland, Sweden, and Denmark in front. Despite coming sixth in a list of European countries, the UK is still ahead of the likes of Germany and Spain, at 19th and 20th respectively.

It means there is still much to do to get companies on board with cloud, although there are now more case studies to call on to show the benefits of moving towards putting services on the cloud.