Red Hat and Microsoft launch new hybrid cloud program

Red Hat is a company in demand, and its software is known to be among the best for hybrid cloud solutions. With rumours swirling of an IBM takeover in the not-too-distant future, it has announced a deal to launch a hybrid program, called Azure Red Hat OpenShift, with Microsoft.

Microsoft Azure has pushed hard in 2019 to deliver new solutions to help prop up the cloud technology arm of the computing giant. With Amazon, Google, IBM, and more looking to do the same, this jointly-managed project will serve as a reputational boost. Their clients will now be able to access Kubernetes solutions fit for enterprises, taking them up a notch in the business side of cloud developments. With IBM expected to seal a Red Hat full acquisition during the second half of 2019, public deals linked to Red Hat with other big computing giants, which could be IBM’s rivals, could be harder to attain.

Kubernetes opportunities are much sought-after as they allow businesses to build a bridge between in-house data servers and public cloud storage options. Many organisations want to keep certain things within company headquarters, but are happy to move the rest into cloud servers, and want to expand their usage of internal servers. The deal with Red Hat will allow Azure clients to build up their base without losing access to key information.

Red Hat’s president of Products and Technologies said this was: “where public cloud services stand alongside virtualisation, Linux containers and bare-metal servers.”

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