Rackspace expands Kubernetes service

With VMware looking to ramp up its enterprise offering for various partners around the world, its pickup of Kubernetes is looking like a smart decision set to pay off in the next few years.

More companies are now looking to enhance what they can offer through the Kubernetes packages, with Rackspace now set to launch what it calls a “managed Kubernetes offering.”

Managed distribution is set to be one of many growing businesses in the sector thanks to the development of cloud computing and cloud technology in the last couple of years, with businesses wanting selected packages and to be able to take on the benefits without using up staff resources to grow.

This is where companies like Rackspace are looking to increase their market share, as it offers both public cloud solutions and on-premise cloud enterprise options.

It seems that as hybrid cloud demand shoots up and enterprises become much more online in terms of storage and software choice, those providing tools look set to challenge the big tech companies in niche markets.

At present, the main use and desire for Kubernetes is to run it on top of current software and hardware, but that also appears to be changing.

This is likely to see Kubernetes become integrated even on top of old legacy systems while these are phased out over the next decade.

Open-source software is likely to be one of the main sources of application to run Kubernetes on bare servers instead of in-cloud storage, which already has these mechanisms set up for integration.

How much traction these companies gain as a result will be interesting to see as the development of the sector over the next few years starts to take shape.