Airlines believe cloud technology is key to growth

With cloud technology slowly becoming prevalent in many key worldwide sectors, it is almost surprising when there is an area it has yet to reach. It would seem that the airline industry is now set to... Read more >

Date 17 December 2018
Packet and Wasabi team up to take on Amazon

2018 appears to be the year when leading businesses decided to take cloud computing to another level. No longer the preserve of established companies, such as IBM, many entrants to the market have... Read more >

Date 17 December 2018
Amazon Web Services to incorporate blockchain into cloud computing offering

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is looking to build on and maintain its position in the cloud tech market, as this arm of the e-commerce giant seeks to include blockchain in its offering. The move is set... Read more >

Date 17 December 2018
Alibaba to focus on the cloud after restructure

Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, has confirmed it is set to move further into the potentially crowded cloud computing scene after announcing a full business restructure this Monday, to re-evaluate... Read more >

Date 17 December 2018
Multi-cloud offering set to benefit European MSP providers

European managed service providers (MSPs) are coming to accept that bringing multiple cloud technology solutions together is the answer to help the continent keep pace with fast developing technology. Read more >

Date 17 December 2018
2019 IoT spend set to increase in 86% of enterprises

The number of companies investing in new technologies to help streamline their businesses and reach new heights is increasing year-on-year in many sectors, and it now seems that the Internet of... Read more >

Date 17 December 2018
SAP makes market inroads with $8billion Qualtrics acquisition

SAP has continued the recent trend of tech and cloud computing acquisitions that have marked the last few weeks, by acquiring Qualtrics for $8billion in the hope of widening its customer base and... Read more >

Date 22 November 2018
Cloud computing set to improve battery life by 60%

It is often said with confusion how strange it is that mobile technology has advanced so far but batteries have not kept up. As everyone has a device with incredible capability without the power to... Read more >

Date 22 November 2018
Google Cloud announces new CEO

Google Cloud has made a market move to try and keep up with the rapid rise of rivals Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Alibaba Cloud with a change in management. Its current CEO, Diane Greene, confirms... Read more >

Date 21 November 2018
Alibaba Cloud revenue shoots up 90%

Alibaba Cloud, the tech computing arm of the Chinese e-commerce giant, is becoming a bigger player in the company, as its revenue totals grow compared to the business as a whole. From 5% last year,... Read more >

Date 12 November 2018