IBM chief sees Amazon and Microsoft as allies

In what could be a surprise turn, given the competitive nature of the cloud computing sector in recent months, the IBM CEO has said she believes Microsoft and Amazon are IBM allies, not rivals, in... Read more >

Date 23 September 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Cloud computing role one of the most recession-proof

Rumours of instability in the world economy have circulated for a while, with disappointing numbers in global markets indicating that another recession could be on the way. Read more >

Date 17 September 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Cloud expected to deliver innovation in UK public sector

In times of relative uncertainty for UK investment in some sectors, it seems new technologies can fill some of the gaps that could be created by imminent funding shortfalls. Read more >

Date 16 September 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Cloud security concerns still persist

Despite efforts from some of the larger tech companies to find new ways to assuage customers that cloud computing is safer than ever, it seems that many enterprises still lack a sense of assurance... Read more >

Date 15 September 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Rackspace expands Kubernetes service

With VMware looking to ramp up its enterprise offering for various partners around the world, its pickup of Kubernetes is looking like a smart decision set to pay off in the next few years. Read more >

Date 14 September 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
African development set to be boosted by cloud

Developing nations have realised the potential benefits that could be provided by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing, but now it appears we... Read more >

Date 13 September 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Cross-industry cloud and computing consortium launched

It seems clear that security will be at the forefront of the minds of most decision-makers when it comes to migrating towards a digital future. As well as the widely-publicised benefits, there are... Read more >

Date 13 September 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
VMware double acquisition boosts cloud computing and enterprise

Cloud infrastructure giant, VMware, has expanded its reach in the sector with a double pick-up of two companies in the space. It has put around $4billion down in total to acquire both Pivotal... Read more >

Date 13 September 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Energy sector the latest to embrace cloud computing

It has been somewhat of a breakthrough year for the cloud computing sector, having transformed from an afterthought and something only for the top decision-makers in niche industries to something... Read more >

Date 23 August 2019
The disruptive effect of 5G on cloud

Nobody seems sure what the bigger picture is for cloud computing when it comes to 5G or whether both burgeoning industries might become rolled into one. The continued rollout for the latest... Read more >

Date 22 August 2019