Change Management Needs Change Management

In this article, Rephael Sweary suggests that companies must combat competing technological giants “by hyperactivating their capability to react to digital change. [This can be] an especially tall ask for organizations rooted in a long history of pre-digital operations.” This pattern transcends industry verticals. Where are you in your digital transformation?

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Date 13 November 2019 Categories
Managing Remote Employees? Spot This Problem and Improve Productivity

While this article focuses on creating successful business relationships among teams that work remotely, at its core it’s about how to drive meaningful communication among team members. Building and maintaining good relationships is the backbone of any successful company. When employees feel comfortable while engaging in constructive discourse and have personal rapport conducive to exchanging ideas and working toward a common goal, workplace productivity and profit feel the impact. Want to encourage your teams to do their best work? Check out this article for more on how you can help your customers foster better communication in their teams.

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Date 12 November 2019 Categories
Climatec powered by Microsoft

Since 1975, Climatec has been a leading provider of energy solutions and building technologies. As the company grew, it found it needed a single, all-encompassing solution to connect multiple offices, adapt easily to business processes and support employees out in the field. Climatec chose a Microsoft solution for field service to help it organize and automate business processes while also equipping employees with the data they need to deliver exceptional customer service. Bringing in the right technology to enable employees creates better customer experiences. Let us help you drive intelligent optimization and empower your organization.

Date 12 November 2019 Categories
Move and Modernize your Microsoft workloads with Azure

Don’t let the cost of moving, planning for migration, support and cloud transformation overwhelm you! We’re here to help. Here’s a quick overview on the process of modernizing your workload with Azure. Contact us to learn more.

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Date 12 November 2019 Categories
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According to a recent survey, more than 90% of customers said they would consider taking their business elsewhere rather than work with a company that uses outdated technology. The solution? A single, integrated system that can grow with you. Let us help you assess your current solution and help find the right system for you.

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Date 12 November 2019 Categories
Customer Story: Clifton Coffee | Connect and Collaborate

Clifton Coffee Roasters (CCR) was the first specialty coffee roaster to adopt the Teamwork solutions from Microsoft platform, which means they’re breaking new ground in communications methods for their industry. As the company expands, they depend on Teamwork solutions from Microsoft to manage their growth, drive innovation, and help their employees connect in the most meaningful and productive ways possible. Want to increase productivity and drive innovation in your business? Check out this video to see how CCR lead the way in communications innovation in their industry, and then contact us to learn more.

Date 12 November 2019 Categories
Forrester report lays out 2020 cloud expectations

Such is the growing hype around cloud computing that predictions are already coming out for the next decade. Big market research companies are looking to find the next big trends within the sector and see what 2020 and beyond holds for the burgeoning software-as-a-service (SaaS) model as well as the market moves that could change the game.

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Date 11 November 2019 Categories
AES and Google deal for clean energy and digital improvement

The energy sector remains one of the biggest in the world that is yet to fully embrace cloud computing publicly, though it is undoubtedly happening behind the scenes.

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Date 10 November 2019 Categories
Data centre firm Digital Realty completes $8.4bn merger

With cloud becoming a more integral asset to many companies, from small enterprises to large corporations, it seems the data centres that keep the sector ticking are also going to expand.

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Date 9 November 2019 Categories
UK cloud providers tipped for greater regulation

UK policymakers are set to recommend the cloud computing sector for greater regulation as concerns grow that an unlegislated market may cause more harm than good long-term.

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Date 8 November 2019 Categories
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