Customer story: Dr. Mae Jemison and Defying Gravity: Women in Space

What better way to learn about the contributions women have made to space exploration than directly from Dr. Mae Jemison, the first woman of color in space. Dr. Jemison is collaborating with... Read more >

Date 15 October 2019
Customer Story: Clifton Coffee Overview

For Clifton Coffee Roasters, the first step to growing their business was to improve internal communication within the company. In the past, communication among team members was extremely disjointed,... Read more >

Date 15 October 2019
Forrester Wave: Sales Force Automation Solutions

In this in-depth examination, Forrester compares various Sales Force Automation providers using 35 criteria divided along the axes of current offerings and strategy. Discover what makes a successful... Read more >

Date 10 October 2019
Day in the life--Financial services

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a financial services professional is like? With cloud email, partners can manage their business on the go and safeguard customer data. With Outlook, features... Read more >

Date 09 October 2019
Alibaba Cloud sets up first UK distribution channel

Technology giants from China have been making inroads into new developments around cloud computing for some time, with telecoms and e-commerce firms leading the way. Read more >

Date 09 October 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Sainsbury’s turns to cloud to lift retail operations

The challenging world of retail sees the biggest UK supermarkets operating on tight margins to make gains across the country, and now it seems the cloud computing sector is being more heavily... Read more >

Date 07 October 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Majority of UK business leaders value tech skills most

In resounding support to the tech industries being built in the UK to safeguard future growth, economic, and technological development, most business leaders believe a tech background and relevant... Read more >

Date 04 October 2019 Categories IT Support, Cloud Computing
European companies under-utilising £9m worth of cloud

The latest figures show that the amount of capital wasted on investments now being used in the cloud sector is rising across Europe, to almost £9m. Read more >

Date 04 October 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Huawei to open 5G training centre in the UK

Telecoms and technology giant, Huawei, appears to be continuing its recent charm offensive to expand to the rest of the world without disruption by political standoffs. Read more >

Date 03 October 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Huawei to go on $1.5bn cloud hiring spree

While the changing face of cloud technology led to the IBM CEO saying there was a need for the big tech companies to be collaborators as well as competitors, it seems this may not have been an... Read more >

Date 24 September 2019 Categories Cloud Computing