Google to focus on reliability after network outage

In a time of increasing reliance on cloud technology to power some of the high-functioning capabilities we take for granted, a four-hour outage for one of the world's biggest companies means... Read more >

Date 05 June 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Nvidia unites AI and cloud with EGX launch

It seems that everybody wants to get in on cloud computing, and Nvidia has sought to show that its niche can be to combine it with artificial intelligence (AI). The tech company is famous for its... Read more >

Date 05 June 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
50% of Gloucester firms don’t properly back up critical data

It’s estimated half of all businesses in Gloucester still don’t have proper data backup in place–despite the technology being cheaper and easier than it's ever been. Read more >

Date 03 June 2019 Categories IT Support, GCC, IT Security
Gaming giants turn to cloud solutions

In the last few months, plenty of surprising sectors have announced they will now compete for cloud technology to try and make some market gains and get ahead of their rivals. This has been seen... Read more >

Date 31 May 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Box Relay revamped to meet changing cloud needs

With some of the big companies opting for mergers to try and shore up their business models in a changing landscape, others have chosen to revamp some of their most prolific products. Read more >

Date 30 May 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Huawei pushes cloud in bid to diversify

While Chinese tech company, Huawei, saw impressive growth over the last several years as it burst onto European and American markets, recent events have seen it pegged back somewhat. The furore... Read more >

Date 29 May 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Red Hat and Microsoft launch new hybrid cloud program

Red Hat is a company in demand, and its software is known to be among the best for hybrid cloud solutions. With rumours swirling of an IBM takeover in the not-too-distant future, it has announced... Read more >

Date 28 May 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Location and brand are key drivers for cloud choice

Some of the most up-to-date research on the perceptions of cloud computing has revealed that the location of cloud storage, and the brand name behind it, is most likely to hold sway among decision... Read more >

Date 28 May 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Hybrid cloud up by a quarter in 2019

It appears to be heady days for the growth of the cloud computing sector, with hybrid cloud adoption expected to reach its own record highs this year. Read more >

Date 10 May 2019
Fiat Chrysler inks deal with Google and Samsung

It appears that the car manufacturing industry will be one of the biggest scenes for developments of cloud computing in 2019. Volkswagen and BMW have already put pen to paper on respective deals... Read more >

Date 08 May 2019
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