IBM buys Red Hat for $26.4billion

IBM has decided to make further inroads into the hybrid cloud market, with the acquisition of cloud company, Red Hat, for $26.4billion. Red Hat has built a company name on being an open source entity... Read more >

Date 12 November 2018
Alibaba to bring its cloud computing arm to UK

Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, has delivered cloud computing capabilities for some years in its native country but it now appears to be branching out elsewhere, as it prepares for a UK launch.... Read more >

Date 12 November 2018
VMWare conference encourages IBM and AWS to embrace cloud

The software giant, VMWare, used its conference to call for an expansion of its partnerships with tech giants, such as IBM and Amazon Web Services (AWS), as it encouraged both companies to delve... Read more >

Date 23 October 2018
IBM discuss how more businesses turn to cloud computing

With increasing adoption of cloud technology, it seems that is about to reach a tipping point. It is no longer the early adopters and a few interested businesses using the cloud for various benefits... Read more >

Date 23 October 2018
Amazon signs $1billion cloud deal with SAP and Symantec

E-commerce giant Amazon’s cloud computing arm, Amazon Web Services, has signed two new contracts with SAP and Symantec worth a combined $1billion. The announcement was confirmed in an internal memo,... Read more >

Date 15 October 2018
Alibaba Cloud confirms Semtech IoT partnership

E-commerce giant Alibaba has announced that their Alibaba Cloud project has teamed up with Semtech, a semiconductor manufacturer, to make further inroads into the Internet of Things (IoT)... Read more >

Date 15 October 2018
Cisco and SAP to partner on cloud integration

Cisco and SAP have announced that they will link two of their platforms to deliver better cloud integration and management between systems. Cisco will put its Container Platform beside the Data Hub... Read more >

Date 15 October 2018
Berners-Lee launches cloud decentralisation project

Tim Berners-Lee, recognised in some parts as the 'father of the web' and best known for taking the internet into mainstream adoption, has announced the launch of a project aimed at giving users... Read more >

Date 15 October 2018
Australian bank links with Google Cloud to sort institutional data

ANZ, Australia’s third-largest bank by market share is set to link up with Google Cloud as it looks to take its institutional banking data online. 300 containers storing data for its institutional... Read more >

Date 15 October 2018
Airline improves staff engagement with cloud computing

A low-cost budget Asian airline has confirmed that it is using cloud-computing technology to help increase the output of its staff engagement policies. Scoot, the popular Asian budget airline, is... Read more >

Date 01 October 2018
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