IBM links new quantum computer to cloud

In a sure sign that cloud technology is considered as one of the most important developments for the next decade, computing giant IBM has unveiled its new commercially-available quantum computer,... Read more >

Date 14 January 2019
Google Cloud boosts DevOps with DORA acquisition

Google Cloud has sought to make another venture into the app world with its acquisition of DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA), where it will: “continue to create delightful experiences for... Read more >

Date 14 January 2019
Digital transformation led by in-memory computing

It has long been said that cloud computing and the transformation to using more digital platforms was coming, but how it will be fleshed out seems to have been less considered. Up to a point, it... Read more >

Date 07 January 2019
UK cloud adoption rises above EU counterparts

In one of the strongest signs yet that the UK is picking up the pace on cloud technology, a recent report found indications that the UK is equal to some of the world leaders in cloud adoption. Read more >

Date 07 January 2019
Unpredictable costs listed as biggest cloud concern

With so many different potential aspects listed for why companies should pick up cloud technology, it could muddy the waters if not made clear what benefits are needed for which type of business. Read more >

Date 07 January 2019
2019 trends for cloud computing

Given the scale of cloud technology becoming more of an everyday thing in UK business life, it will come as no surprise that analysts are not just predicting more of the same. With more capabilities... Read more >

Date 07 January 2019
Report says a quarter of European businesses using cloud

Despite much talk about cloud technology and its expected adoption, it appears that it may not have kicked off in the way as reported in some areas. Some of the latest data says that just a quarter... Read more >

Date 07 January 2019
UK hosting company acquired by cloud computing firm

In a further sign that even smaller companies are becoming aware of the many benefits of hybrid cloud computing solutions, it seems that plenty of firms are now looking to get in on the act. Recent... Read more >

Date 18 December 2018
Airlines believe cloud technology is key to growth

With cloud technology slowly becoming prevalent in many key worldwide sectors, it is almost surprising when there is an area it has yet to reach. It would seem that the airline industry is now set to... Read more >

Date 17 December 2018
Packet and Wasabi team up to take on Amazon

2018 appears to be the year when leading businesses decided to take cloud computing to another level. No longer the preserve of established companies, such as IBM, many entrants to the market have... Read more >

Date 17 December 2018
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