Latest Microsoft Office Windows update boasts many new features

Microsoft has just released a major new update for the desktop version of MS Office for Windows. The update is being rolled out to Office Insiders. The new version is 1808 (Build 10730.20030).

At this stage, the update is only available to Insiders who are subscribed to the Monthly Channel, otherwise referred to as Insider Slow. With the latest MS Office update, Microsoft has introduced an interesting feature that prevents attendees from forwarding your scheduled meetings to third parties. Read more >

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Intel sold $1bn of AI chips last year

For many years, it has been quite common for desktops and laptops to feature Intel chips. Less well-known is that the company is also busy creating a place for itself in the AI processor chips market.

Yesterday, Intel announced that it sold $1bn of AI processor chips last year. This is the first time the second-biggest chip manufacturer on earth revealed revenue from a computing division that has driven sales growth at competitors, such as Nvidia Corp. Read more >

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Microsoft files patent for dual-page device

For more than a year, it has been reported that Microsoft is developing a Surface phone, also referred to as the Andromeda device. If recent reports are true, the phone may come with a dual screen. According to a patent that Microsoft recently filed, it could also come with a feature that allows ‘page flipping’. Read more >

Date 8 August 2018 Categories
YourPhone app speeds photo sync between Android and PC

This week, Microsoft announced the release of Insider Preview Build 17728 for Windows 10. The most notable improvement is the YourPhone app, which enables users to sync photos between their Android devices and PCs. It will be a huge bonus to people who often take photos for both business and private purposes and, until now, have faced the hurdle of having to transfer them to their PC. With the YourPhone app, your photos will be automatically synced to your PC. Read more >

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Microsoft pushes up cloud market share to 14%

According to technology research firm, Synergy Research, Microsoft has again increased its market share in the cloud business during Q2, 2018. Its market share increased more than that of competitors, such as Google. It means that Microsoft is giving Amazon, the current market leader, a run for its money. Read more >

Date 1 August 2018 Categories
Windows 10 Enterprise edition update fixes several frustrating bugs

Readers who are running Windows 10 on their office machines might remember when Microsoft said in April 2018 that the latest update was ready for the big leagues. These people should go ahead and install Wednesday’s ‘quality improvements’ update.

Microsoft has already rolled out a slew of fixes for the 1803 version of Windows 10, i.e., the April 2018 update. This one marks the third such update so far in July and takes the build version to 17134.191. Read more >

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Microsoft and Walmart sign five-year Azure cloud deal

Microsoft has signed a five-year cloud-computing contract with Walmart as both firms attempt to find their way past Amazon in the race to become the biggest firm on earth.

Walmart will use Microsoft 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based office software suite, and Azure, the firm’s cloud-computing system, to run its internal operations, analyse its retail statistics, and drive its website. Read more >

Date 1 August 2018 Categories
Enhanced command-line and fewer updates for Windows 10

According to a report released by Ars Technica, Microsoft is busy enhancing the command-line environment.

The report said the company earlier updated the Windows console, and that it plans to do further work. It is currently building an improved console, which will offer an enhanced user experience. The company, though, does not intend to change command-line programmes. Read more >

Date 19 July 2018 Categories
Cloud computing creating new jobs across the world

Within the next five years, estimates indicate that automation could cancel out about five million jobs. Fortunately, as they disappear, new jobs take their place. 80% of the jobs one might see seven years from now do not exist yet. Read more >

Date 17 July 2018 Categories
Microsoft announces cheaper Surface Go tablet

Microsoft is entering the lower bracket of the personal computing market by launching a relatively small, cheap $399 (£301.80) Surface Go tablet that competes with Apple’s most affordable iPads.

The Surface Go comes with a 10-inch screen and sells for about half the price of the present Surface Pro. In return, owners will have to live with around four hours less battery power and slower Intel processors. At only 1.15 lbs, the new Surface Pro weighs much less than the current Surface models. A wi-fi version will be available on 2 August, and a cellular option will follow later. Read more >

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