Airline improves staff engagement with cloud computing

A low-cost budget Asian airline has confirmed that it is using cloud-computing technology to help increase the output of its staff engagement policies. Scoot, the popular Asian budget airline, is using service management platforms to create a shared platform for staff to access IT and HR queries. Read more >

Date 1 October 2018 Categories
Amazon talks on linking Chile’s telescope data to cloud

Amazon has confirmed it is making inroads in discussions with Chile to mine and link telescope data to their cloud computing facilities, to further develop their Artificial Intelligence (AI) structures.

Looking to capitalise on the wealth of data available in Chile’s huge telescopes, the online retail giant hopes it can begin to tap into their data capabilities to improve their cloud computing services across Latin America. Read more >

Date 26 September 2018 Categories
Microsoft posts new Dublin jobs in cloud computing

Microsoft confirmed today that it will deliver 200 new posts in the Leopardstown, South Dublin campus. Half will concern their innovative engineering sector and will work on the advancement of current and new technological solutions, such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Read more >

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Synnex launches TaaS via Microsoft, HP and Lenovo

California-based technology supply chain providers Synnex has expanded its reach into Australia,as it launches its Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) platform through electronic giants, Microsoft, HP, and Lenovo. Read more >

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Volkswagen announces $4 billion cloud computing architecture for vehicles

Leading car manufacturer Volkswagen has confirmed plans for installing a new cloud computing architecture in its vehicles, which is set to cost the manufacturer up to $4 billion. The plan, which comes into force by 2025, looks at how they can improve the technological capability of their cars, as well as work with digital businesses to add to their offering. Read more >

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Cloud computing workload platform raises £27m

Workload management specialists, Spotinst, has raised £27m ($35m) from their latest round of series-B funding, as they look to build their AI-based cloud computing software into a larger-scale operation.

Spotinst specialises in optimising and managing their cloud computing programs through various cloud providers and have now managed to raise almost £40m ($52m) since launching in 2015, with a list of investors that includes Intel Capital, and Vertex Ventures. Read more >

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New Sage service aims for efficient accounting services

Sage has released a new advisory service to provide a roadmap for accountants to follow, enabling better growth. Market leaders in providing cloud business solutions to clients, Sage has announced the launch of their Client Advisory Services (CAS) programme, which comes through their Sage Accountants Network (SAN). Aimed at providing tools to help those in finance departments and accountants generally, figures from Sage’s latest research show that 82% of those surveyed admit to expecting more in the service and allocated resources from their accountant than five years ago. Read more >

Date 4 September 2018 Categories
EMEA cloud adoption continues growth pattern

There has been significant and sustained growth in companies adopting the cloud for business services within the European, Middle East and African (EMEA) regions, but it appears that corresponding advancements in security are lagging behind. Read more >

Date 4 September 2018 Categories
HPE and Alibaba launch hybrid cloud format to APAC

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced a partnership with Alibaba Cloud, which serves as the cloud computing branch of Chinese export giant, Alibaba. They are set to launch a hybrid cloud system jointly to the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, excluding China. It will enable Aspara Stack to provide a connected public and private cloud format that allows for seamless data sharing as well as increased operational efficiency. Read more >

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Cloud computing increasingly adopted by SMEs in UAE

Small-to-medium enterprise (SMEs), accounting for over 90% of businesses operating in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), see cloud computing as a top priority if wanting to realise their digital potential. According to Microsoft, about 56% of regional SMEs appreciate the multiple benefits offered by digital transformation, with 35% planning to invest 5% or more in digital this year. Employing 42% of its workforce, and responsible for over 60% of its GDP, SMEs are the heart of the UAE’s economy, according to the UAE Banks Federation. Read more >

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