Microsoft taps NZ firm for BBC Good Food app

Microsoft has just, again, recognised NV Interactive, a digital agency from New Zealand, in this year's Worldwide Partner of the Year Awards. The agency was named as a finalist in the hotly contested... Read more >

Date 06 July 2018
Is Microsoft planning a foldable mini-computer?

According to a leaked document from Microsoft, the company could soon launch a palm-sized, pocket-friendly, folding computer. It will feature a full-width screen that covers a centre hinge and... Read more >

Date 06 July 2018
Could Azure IoT Edge become the new cloud?

Microsoft is currently urging some customers to move part of their work away from data centres to edge devices that can deliver improved response times. To achieve this, the firm is making Azure IoT... Read more >

Date 28 June 2018
Mind-controlled computer mice and slow software uptake

According to researchers at a new start-up, Ctrl-labs, you could soon manipulate a mouse pointer using your mind. The firm is working on an armband that interprets signals passing between the user’s... Read more >

Date 26 June 2018
Microsoft now beats Google on market value

For the first time in three years, Microsoft is more valuable than Google and its parent firm, Alphabet. This makes Microsoft the third most valuable firm on earth. With a market valuation of £566bn,... Read more >

Date 18 June 2018
Microsoft To-Do will soon be able to share lists

In May reports surfaced about Microsoft To-Do receiving an update that introduces a variety of interesting new features. The list here included subtasks support, which brought To-Do a little bit... Read more >

Date 18 June 2018
Mobile banking could surpass internet banking by next year

According to new projections, the numbers of consumers who use smartphone apps to do their banking could surpass those who use computers as early as 2019. Industry analysts revealed that in 2017, 22... Read more >

Date 18 June 2018
Microsoft announces upgraded Surface Hub mega-tablet

Microsoft has finally given users a preview of the Surface Hub 2, its new mega-tablet which replaces the Surface Hub released in 2016. The latest version was designed for conference rooms and will go... Read more >

Date 18 June 2018
Microsoft redesigning the meeting room of tomorrow

Microsoft has revealed high-tech meeting room hardware and software that not only identifies everybody present, but also provides a real-time record of what they said. The company showed off the... Read more >

Date 18 June 2018
Client expectations behind most digital decisions

A poll conducted among IT managers in the UK found that the strongest competitive force behind digital decision making in this industry was changing client expectations. The report with the title... Read more >

Date 18 June 2018