ROI assessment crucial before implementing cloud technologies

International IT provider Unisys has released a new study which cautions businesses making the shift to cloud technology, advising them to do a full return on investment assessment before commencing.... Read more >

Date 22 September 2017
Microsoft and Amazon join forces to improve voice assistants

Thanks to a new joint venture between Microsoft and Amazon, the voice assistant on your phone, tablet or computer could soon be able to do just about everything a computer can do - and more. To start... Read more >

Date 22 September 2017
Microsoft discontinues GigJam before its launch

Microsoft has issued an announcement stating that it has decided to discontinue GigJam, a work-sharing application, before it has been officially released. It is difficult to explain precisely what... Read more >

Date 21 September 2017
Samsung launches new voice assistant in 200 countries

Samsung released a new digital voice assistant last week, called Bixby. The smart application, which is Samsung’s answer to Google’s Assistant and Apple’s Siri, has been launched in 200 countries. ... Read more >

Date 21 September 2017
Elon Musk creates computer research firm to save humanity

According to a filing from the Securities and Exchange Commission, a firm established by Elon Musk that will create high-tech biotechnology systems to enhance the human brain has already managed to... Read more >

Date 21 September 2017
First rapid upgrade for Windows Server coming soon

The first upgrade to Windows Server 2016 will be released by Microsoft just before the end of September. A manager in the company’s Windows Server group recently confirmed on a company blog that the... Read more >

Date 21 September 2017
Average SME spends £200,000 a year on new technology

According to research from American Express, the average British SME is spending around £1m a year on business expenditure. Close to 20 per cent of this amount — nearly £200,000 — is reserved for... Read more >

Date 21 September 2017
HP quarterly profits higher than initially projected

HP Inc., the home of former Hewlett-Packard Co’s hardware business, released marginally higher quarterly profit figures than expected yesterday. The main reason for the rise in revenue is because it... Read more >

Date 11 September 2017
PC sales to plummet over next five years

According to IDC’s latest projection for PC sales between 2016 and 2021, shipments will drop from 435.1 million units to 398.3 million in 2021 – a compound annual decline of 1.7%. Read more >

Date 11 September 2017
Survey finds majority of company directors unprepared for cyber-attacks

With the wave of cyber-attacks throughout the world in recent years, one would expect that company bosses would make it their duty to know as much as possible about this threat in order to help... Read more >

Date 08 September 2017