Updated Windows 10 version for Skip Ahead Insiders

The latest news from Microsoft is that the company has released Windows 10 Preview Build 17643 for Insiders who opted to get builds from the Skip Ahead ring. This is the 6th Windows 10 feature update... Read more >

Date 23 April 2018
Microsoft announces variety of new security features for OneDrive

In its latest attempt to protect users against cybercrime, Microsoft has upgraded OneDrive (which forms part of the Office 365 package) to make sure the data users upload to the cloud remain secure. ... Read more >

Date 16 April 2018
Canadian hospital pioneering AI technology

In Niagara Falls a new hospital will make use of cutting edge artificial intelligence technology, Mayor Jim Diodati recently said. This year’s Ontario budget included an amount of $10m to establish a... Read more >

Date 16 April 2018
Government report shows increased risk of cryptojacking

A UK government agency warned last week that cryptojacking, the practice of literally hijacking someone’s computer and then use it for mining cryptocurrencies, will most likely become ‘a regular... Read more >

Date 16 April 2018
Microsoft develops antiparticle for its quantum computer

Like many other international IT companies, Microsoft is on a mission to build a commercially viable quantum computer. As part of this quest, the firm has now developed a quasi-particle referred to... Read more >

Date 16 April 2018
Hewlett Packard to establish new headquarters in San Jose

Hewlett Packard, the international IT firm which markets a wide range of computers, desktops, printers and more in the UK, has unexpectedly changed its mind on where it wants its new headquarters to... Read more >

Date 16 April 2018
Microsoft announces collaboration between Azure Cloud and Databricks

Meet Microsoft Azure Databricks, a marriage between Microsoft’s cloud platform and unified analytics firm Databricks’s Unified Analytics Platform. Ali Ghodsi, the CEO of Databricks, said the... Read more >

Date 29 March 2018
Microsoft Power Apps now features Common Data Service

Last week Microsoft announced the spring update for its Power Apps and Power BI platforms. Perhaps the biggest improvement arrived in the form of a new Common Data Service, which makes it possible... Read more >

Date 26 March 2018
Microsoft rolling out redesigned Outlook.com

Over the next few weeks, Microsoft will start to introduce all its users to the new Outlook.com design. The upgraded Outlook.com first released in beta mode about seven months ago, but the company... Read more >

Date 20 March 2018
AI cutting costs of misplaced luggage

Airlines as well as airports are increasingly using new technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) to make travellers’ lives easier by helping them to find special offers, upgrade a seat or... Read more >

Date 20 March 2018