Microsoft integrates LinkedIn Resume Assistant with Office 365

In the latest Microsoft Office 365 news, the firm has enhanced integration between Office and LinkedIn by releasing a new Resume Assistant feature. This assistant utilises LinkedIn insights behind... Read more >

Date 09 November 2017
Future data centres could reside in oil-filled boxes

If the vision of two European IT firms becomes a reality, your next data centre might be nothing more than an aluminium box in which there are a couple of servers floating in oil. One of the firms,... Read more >

Date 09 November 2017
Microsoft invests millions in 3-D printing start-up

The venture capital divisions of Microsoft and Siemens as well as Porsche have invested $30 million in Markforged, a 3-D printing start-up. Despite the fact that consumer interest in the technology... Read more >

Date 03 November 2017
Microsoft appointed as Chevron’s cloud provider

Microsoft has been chosen as Chevron’s cloud provider in what can only be described as a win-win situation for both parties involved. The two firms did not reveal the terms of the agreement, but what... Read more >

Date 01 November 2017
Azure cloud and Cray supercomputers could become formidable combination

The latest news from Microsoft is that the company is adding Cray supercomputers to its existing Azure cloud computing service, in order to better accommodate clients who need HPC (high performance... Read more >

Date 26 October 2017
Cisco well on its way to buying Broadsoft

Cisco Systems Inc, the biggest networking equipment manufacturer on earth, is busy finalising the acquisition of U.S. telecom software company Broadsoft Inc for nearly $2bn, an insider said yesterday. Read more >

Date 26 October 2017
Intel releases new range of Artificial Intelligence chips

It seems that Intel was caught fast asleep by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) boom – but now the firm is trying very hard to re-establish its leadership role in the silicon industry by releasing a... Read more >

Date 26 October 2017
Explosive growth for Office 365 although some remain concerned

More than a thousand organisations, from firms with over 10,000 employees to one-man businesses, took part in a survey stretching from Europe to North America, Africa and the Middle East. The... Read more >

Date 17 October 2017
Quantum computing industry boosted by new Intel chip

As a small business owner, you might be wondering what the next major tech revolution will bring. While cloud computing is rapidly revolutionising the industry, experts say the next big thing is... Read more >

Date 13 October 2017
Tibco buys data virtualisation unit from Cisco

Multi-national technology giant Cisco Systems has announced that it is selling Cisco Data Virtualisation to Tibco. The unit was previously called Composite Software before Cisco bought it four years... Read more >

Date 13 October 2017