Hewlett Packard to establish new headquarters in San Jose

Hewlett Packard, the international IT firm which markets a wide range of computers, desktops, printers and more in the UK, has unexpectedly changed its mind on where it wants its new headquarters to... Read more >

Date 16 April 2018
Microsoft announces collaboration between Azure Cloud and Databricks

Meet Microsoft Azure Databricks, a marriage between Microsoft’s cloud platform and unified analytics firm Databricks’s Unified Analytics Platform. Ali Ghodsi, the CEO of Databricks, said the... Read more >

Date 29 March 2018
Microsoft Power Apps now features Common Data Service

Last week Microsoft announced the spring update for its Power Apps and Power BI platforms. Perhaps the biggest improvement arrived in the form of a new Common Data Service, which makes it possible... Read more >

Date 26 March 2018
Microsoft rolling out redesigned Outlook.com

Over the next few weeks, Microsoft will start to introduce all its users to the new Outlook.com design. The upgraded Outlook.com first released in beta mode about seven months ago, but the company... Read more >

Date 20 March 2018
AI cutting costs of misplaced luggage

Airlines as well as airports are increasingly using new technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) to make travellers’ lives easier by helping them to find special offers, upgrade a seat or... Read more >

Date 20 March 2018
IBM announces computer smaller than a grain of salt

Technological innovation never fails to astound. As mobile devices evolve, becoming ever more powerful and versatile, and new software or cloud solutions emerge, advancements in computing constantly... Read more >

Date 20 March 2018
Cloud computing policies place UK among global top four

New research says data protection legislation in the UK makes this country one of the top places on earth to adopt cloud computing technology. Read more >

Date 20 March 2018
Microsoft enables students to acquire cloud computing skills

In the current market, competency in cloud computing is a highly desirable skill for the vast majority of recruitment companies. Knowing this, Microsoft has decided to meet the challenge head-on by... Read more >

Date 07 March 2018
Microsoft aids IT teacher without a computer

Faced with insufficient learning and teaching materials, an ICT teacher in Ghana had no choice other than to teach Microsoft Word classes without a computer. The only way Owura Kwadwo Hottish could... Read more >

Date 07 March 2018
Microsoft and Xiaomi to work even closer together

Microsoft and Xiaomi have signed an agreement to work together in the fields of cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and hardware. Read more >

Date 27 February 2018