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Moving your data to the cloud can help you improve security, more easily meet compliance requirements, reduce costs, maximize ROI and enable real-time insights. Microsoft Azure enables you to make... Read more >

Date 19 November 2019
Seven Signs Your Business Should Move To A New CRM System

"Good CRMs will not make you drool in admiration or write a pretty sonnet, but the bad ones will drive you and your employees crazy." CRM systems are a necessary component of being proactive in... Read more >

Date 19 November 2019
Crash course in Office 365: How it can help you grow your business

Your customers are probably already taking advantage of Office applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. But do they know that Office 365 gives them the capability to access content from any... Read more >

Date 19 November 2019
How migrating to Azure is modernizing JB Hunt

JB Hunt is reinventing its enterprise by migrating to the Azure cloud, which is helping the company manage 18 billion integration points and 8 billion transactions over the next 3-5 years. They are... Read more >

Date 19 November 2019
Create a connected guest experience with Microsoft technology

Employees who work with outside companies save time and money. With Teamwork solutions from Microsoft, they can easily share workspace, which results in $759,493 saved over three years. That's huge!... Read more >

Date 19 November 2019
Microsoft announces cloud goals at Ignite conference

Microsoft Ignite is the US tech company’s annual conference, bringing together key IT decision-makers, tech leaders, and developers from around the world to discuss company goals on developing... Read more >

Date 15 November 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
France and Germany to outline data infrastructure growth plans

While the world’s biggest technology companies, mostly from China and the US, have rolled out growth plans for cloud computing, Europe has risked falling short. Read more >

Date 14 November 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Change Management Needs Change Management

In this article, Rephael Sweary suggests that companies must combat competing technological giants "by hyperactivating their capability to react to digital change. [This can be] an especially tall... Read more >

Date 13 November 2019
Managing Remote Employees? Spot This Problem and Improve Productivity

While this article focuses on creating successful business relationships among teams that work remotely, at its core it's about how to drive meaningful communication among team members. Building and... Read more >

Date 12 November 2019
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According to a recent survey, more than 90% of customers said they would consider taking their business elsewhere rather than work with a company that uses outdated technology. The solution? A... Read more >

Date 12 November 2019
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