Gartner expects the cloud to boost IT spending

Gartner, one of the leading data analysis and research companies when it comes to IT spending and enterprise, has given the weight of its credence to the idea that this drive in expenditure will... Read more >

Date 14 February 2019
Google outspending its rivals on cloud

In a sure sign that the investment race is growing for the biggest businesses in the world to get the leading edge on cloud computing development, figures up to the end of 2018 show that Google... Read more >

Date 13 February 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
SAP bets on cloud after raking in $20billion last year

The software company, SAP, has seen a strong push for cloud and related software rewarded in 2018 as they pulled in $20billion in the market. The positive response from last year’s figures has led... Read more >

Date 13 February 2019
Cloud communications continue to alter market direction

There seems to be a consistent stream of industries with the potential to be positively affected by the changes brought by cloud computing. With the line of communications now having the... Read more >

Date 08 February 2019
IBM to help Juniper develop cloud journey in $325m deal

Juniper Networks, a multinational that delivers and markets routers and other products, has agreed a $325million (£252million) deal with IBM to work on its agile-cloud solutions for the next seven... Read more >

Date 07 February 2019
55% of UK commercial business now cloud-based, says Microsoft

It has been apparent for some time that the major software and tech companies have been moving into cloud computing and technology, but what is clear from the last year or so is how quickly this... Read more >

Date 22 January 2019
Employees list cloud and AI as top training priorities

In a piece of news that is set to boost businesses considering implementing it in their workplaces, cloud technology has been chosen as one of the top choices for employees wanting to improve their... Read more >

Date 22 January 2019
IBM links new quantum computer to cloud

In a sure sign that cloud technology is considered as one of the most important developments for the next decade, computing giant IBM has unveiled its new commercially-available quantum computer,... Read more >

Date 14 January 2019
Google Cloud boosts DevOps with DORA acquisition

Google Cloud has sought to make another venture into the app world with its acquisition of DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA), where it will: “continue to create delightful experiences for... Read more >

Date 14 January 2019
Digital transformation led by in-memory computing

It has long been said that cloud computing and the transformation to using more digital platforms was coming, but how it will be fleshed out seems to have been less considered. Up to a point, it... Read more >

Date 07 January 2019
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