Entertainment industry set to benefit from cloud computing

Over the last year, many industries have shown how they are set to benefit from a general move towards cloud computing, with everything from car manufacturing to data management now being... Read more >

Date 16 July 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Databases to continue cloud migration trend

The database market appears to be one of the next key trends for the cloud computing market, with the latest report from Gartner showing that the shift will be well worth watching over the next... Read more >

Date 08 July 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Lack of knowledge delaying SME cloud adoption

Research by a financial services group in the UK suggests that one of the main reasons why we are not seeing widespread cloud computing adoption among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is... Read more >

Date 06 July 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Oracle gets a quarterly bump from cloud services

Cloud computing has been cited as one of the key drivers behind innovation in the technology sector in recent months, with many of the bigger enterprise firms looking to shore up their offering... Read more >

Date 05 July 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Cloud apps expanding faster than security

While it is being well-publicised that we are seeing an overall increase in adoption of cloud technology, the latest figures suggest security is not keeping up with it. Read more >

Date 05 July 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Air Malta finds profits through collaborative cloud

Air Malta managed to find a way to heave its way past the current doom and gloom surrounding low-cost airline carriers with some innovative cloud-based initiatives to help deliver profits for the... Read more >

Date 05 July 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
How the cloud is decentralising IT in offices

According to the latest figures, expertise in information technology (IT) is no longer confined to specialist positions, with the days of the chief information officer (CIO) being the only one in... Read more >

Date 21 June 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Salesforce acquires Tableau for $15.3 billion

This year has seen the big three tech companies competing in cloud computing throw down a lot of money to keep as much market share as possible. However, there are also several other companies... Read more >

Date 18 June 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
Microsoft and Oracle agree deal to link cloud services

In a sign that some of the big tech companies continue to harbour concern over the strength of Amazon and their Amazon Web Services (AWS) outlet, Microsoft and Oracle have linked up to strike a... Read more >

Date 17 June 2019 Categories Cloud Computing
50% of Bristol firms don’t properly backup critical data

It’s estimated half of all businesses in Bristol still don’t have proper data backup in place–despite the technology being cheaper and easier than it's ever been. Read more >

Date 06 June 2019 Categories IT Support, GCC, IT Security
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