Nvidia unites AI and cloud with EGX launch

It seems that everybody wants to get in on cloud computing, and Nvidia has sought to show that its niche can be to combine it with artificial intelligence (AI). The tech company is famous for its processing capabilities and hardware distribution, but its new EGX platform aims to unite several facets of cloud data storage to create chips that work in real time.

It will allow data to be collected from sensors hooked up to the Internet of Things (IoT), before transmitting it to cloud tech data centres that can allow the data to be accessed faster than before.

The senior director of enterprise and edge computing, Justin Boitano, said IoT sensors were driving “a massive change in the computing industry,” including “devices being deployed so machines can detect what is happening in the real world.” With Nvidia chips capable of powering everything from small drones to giant servers, there could be a lot of take-up for its forthcoming products.

Boitano said that “CPUs have not been able to keep up” on the processing power needed to cope with the amount of data that AI needs to work effectively. Solutions for this based in the cloud have been in the works for quite some time, but it seems the Nvidia EGX is seeking to make it a reality quicker than some expected. For companies working with continuous data streams, the landscape is likely to change over the next few years as the market catches up with demand.

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