New Sage service aims for efficient accounting services

Sage has released a new advisory service to provide a roadmap for accountants to follow, enabling better growth. Market leaders in providing cloud business solutions to clients, Sage has announced the launch of their Client Advisory Services (CAS) programme, which comes through their Sage Accountants Network (SAN). Aimed at providing tools to help those in finance departments and accountants generally, figures from Sage’s latest research show that 82% of those surveyed admit to expecting more in the service and allocated resources from their accountant than five years ago.

The SAN CAS programme hopes to build on Sage’s main network of 11,000 accountants, with roadmaps to deliver higher performance and value to the accounts they work on. The new programme will centre on how to deliver a package, prices, and operate in greater markets.

Jennifer Warawa, the EVP of Partners, Accountants, and Alliances at Sage, said it was important to address the disturbance to traditional accounting led by increasingly digital-centred businesses, adding that “tech-savvy millennials now dominate the workplace”. Warawa said she wants the new programme to play a part in “helping the accountant community transform their business model”, in a way that will allow the finance side of things to catch up with technological innovations and keep on top of trends.

As well as the core CAS programme, SAN members will get access to a programme toolkit, including eight different themes and focuses on how to segment markets, set effective KPIs, how to package products and price them effectively, how to bring in and develop new staff, together with new ways to reach out to clients.