Most enterprises to adopt hybrid or multi-cloud by 2024

IDC, the market intelligence firm, has released a report saying it cannot see past cloud solutions for how it expects to see most businesses and enterprises in the middle of the next decade.

The company believes that many have already gone past the first stage of digital adoption, and are now looking to make the most of advanced capabilities. Especially since they have already discovered the basic potential of aspects such as cloud, there is greater scope to introduce more of it. This is set to include more than just the cloud assets, mobile technology, and use of big data to make better decisions.

Analytics and social channels will also still play a big part, but with a maturing IoT, AI tech, as well as virtual and augmented reality platforms, there will be much to play with for businesses. This has led to what IDC has termed ‘multiplied innovation’ where the collective potential of these technologies has allowed for better things to be implemented, which can take businesses forward.

Their senior vice president and chief analyst, Frank Gens, said there is a clear trend of enterprises looking to “rapidly realign and consolidate around digital innovation” saying businesses need to keep on their toes not to lose pace with the “fast-paced multiplied innovation world.” According to Gens, the next few years will see greater adoption of “distributed cloud infrastructure, public cloud software stacks, agile and cloud-native app development and deployment,” which will also enable different mechanisms for security and trust.

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