55% of UK commercial business now cloud-based, says Microsoft

It has been apparent for some time that the major software and tech companies have been moving into cloud computing and technology, but what is clear from the last year or so is how quickly this transition is happening.

With new businesses and enterprises becoming aware of the potential of cloud, and what it can offer them to help streamline operations and save resources, it is little surprise that it is picking up so rapidly. It is evident in Microsoft’s announcement that up to 60% of the commercial partners they work with are now placing themselves to make cloud one of the primary targets to build the next stages of the company around.

According to their partner boss, Joe Macri: “it is an ecosystem which is transforming.” He spoke of how: “well over 55% of our partners are now leading with cloud-based solutions.” Macri said that Microsoft’s core aim when working with their partners was to help them move “away from a transactional engagement to delivering customer lifetime value.” With the reams of data that were also becoming available as a result of moving towards cloud computing, it was easier to make smart decisions.

A key part of their drive to make this possible has been to invest in the skills that can make this a reality, particularly by ensuring employees and young people are kept up to speed with the changing pace of technology, so businesses can take advantage of it.