Microsoft rolling out redesigned

Over the next few weeks, Microsoft will start to introduce all its users to the new design. The upgraded first released in beta mode about seven months ago, but the company only recently began testing feature and user interface upgrades to the people and calendar parts of the mail service.

During the next couple of weeks, the fresh design for mail inside will become standard for all users, meaning that there will no longer be any need to manually switch over to the beta mode.

Every user will also have the option to try out the company’s new people and calendar features. These include improved contact data on profile cards and a redesigned appearance.

Changes to’s mail section include enhanced Skype integration providing support for video calls directly from the inbox. Microsoft has also upgraded the interface for add-ins, thrown in a couple of new inbox themes, and revamped category organisation.

Although’s mail section will, over the next few weeks, become the default for every user, the company clearly first want to get more user feedback about its people and calendar upgrades before making them the default options.  This means that the beta toggle will stay for now, enabling users to switch between the old and new versions.

At this stage, the company is tight-lipped about when the people and calendar sections will become the new default for But if the upgrades are well received by users, one can expect it to happen fairly soon.