Microsoft releases Office Android apps on all Chromebooks

Until recently, one of the ongoing complaints about Chromebooks was that they have, for many years, been unable to run the Office application suite. Microsoft has been making Android applications for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint available for several years now, but they were never released for all Chromebooks.

Finally, however, it appears that the company has without a lot of fanfare opened up its official Office apps to every single Chromebook model on the market. It did not release a formal press statement about this, but Robby Payne, one of the writers and hosts at Chrome Unboxed, tried it on a couple of models – including Pixelbook, Samsung Chromebook, Acer Chromebook 15 and others – and it seemed to work smoothly on all of them.

Several Reddit users confirmed its functionality and posted reports of successful use.

One can be fairly sure that many individuals who purchase a Chromebook are already using Google Docs. But for those who want to acquire one without having to change how they create computer documents, this is a huge selling point.

Although the Android apps do not boast all the functionality of their desktop counterparts, they do offer all the basics, including syncing via Office 365.

Those readers who have a 10.1-inch Chromebook or something smaller will be able to edit and create documents for free after they’ve logged in with a Microsoft account. For anything bigger than that you will need an Office 365 subscription if you want to edit documents.