Microsoft Power Apps now features Common Data Service

Last week Microsoft announced the spring update for its Power Apps and Power BI platforms. Perhaps the biggest improvement arrived in the form of a new Common Data Service, which makes it possible for businesses to create data-based applications from a wide selection of data sources.

This forms part of a strategy to eliminate many of the complexities normally involved with collecting, processing and integrating data into computer applications.

With this step, Microsoft is basically providing clients access to the same services and tools it used to construct Dynamics 365.

Although with its Power Apps tools the firm has allowed independent developers to create applications on the platform for nearly 18 months, they have been unable to benefit from underlying data without significant effort. With the Common Data Services, all of this should change.

Microsoft programme manager for Power Apps, Ryan Cunningham, said: “What that service means, practically speaking, is that it’s not only a place to store data, but a model… with everything you would need to build a business app”. He explained that the service was designed for intuitively incorporating important factors such as customers, events and contacts.

Cunningham added that they wanted to make it quite simple to create the apps while still keeping things customisable and allowing the ability to use Microsoft data or data from a different source.

He explained that developers can benefit from the 200 connectors that are built into the package and link to all the data they have been gathering in their Microsoft applications, but they were not restricted to just the Microsoft data.

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