Microsoft launch new cloud tech incubator

For the big tech companies, sitting still does not seem to be an option as they look to drive forward a new stage of technological development with the cloud. Microsoft, Amazon, and Google have been battling it out over the last year to establish a new competition war, and cloud connectivity is at the heart of it.

While some aspects have focused on increasing market share, developing partnerships and delivering new tech to old products, some schemes and motives for these big tech enterprises have also concentrated on creating a platform for the future.

Cloud technology has long been mooted as one of the saviours of computing because it tackles the key issues of security and storage as we move into a new era. Now, Microsoft is looking to encourage this further, with the launch of its Cloud and Mobile Technology Incubation Program. It comes as part of a deal with companies in Zhaoqing, China, to expand cloud resources in the region, and has been dubbed the ‘Unicorn Field’ by some working on the project.

Microsoft says the aim is to enable growth in artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, as well as cloud connectivity. The idea is that any individual or business working under the incubator will benefit from Microsoft’s lengthy expertise and ability to operate in worldwide markets. One general manager of the project described it as “a nurturing platform for accelerating the growth of businesses and facilitating the transformation of local industries.”

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