Microsoft discontinues GigJam before its launch

Microsoft has issued an announcement stating that it has decided to discontinue GigJam, a work-sharing application, before it has been officially released.

It is difficult to explain precisely what GigJam was supposed to do. Vijay Mital, the head of the project, claimed that it constituted a “new form of communication.”

Within the application, the user would load a selection of business data from a variety of sources, including Outlook, Salesforce, LinkedIn and Microsoft Office. Once the data they wished to use had been loaded, it could be circled with a finger or mouse. Anything that violated sharing policies could be crossed out.

When the user then shared the GigJam project with someone, they would see only the things that were circled. This could be useful, for example, when you have somebody helping to sort medical records but you don’t want them to see people’s social security numbers, or if you are a designer who wants to prevent an outside contractor from viewing trade secrets.

Perhaps because it’s so difficult to explain the concept, GigJam never got to the formal release stage. On 22nd September 2017, the preview will shut down permanently.

However, one should not totally discard the ideas behind GigJam. Microsoft is quite right in saying that some of these concepts might become very useful in the future. GigJam created a new system to spontaneously establish workflows, and the preview version delivered insights that could well find their way into integrated solutions of the future.