Microsoft Azure using TomTom for location services

In an announcement issued yesterday, TomTom said that Microsoft Azure users can now enjoy direct access to its location-based services that form part of the popular cloud platform.

Azure users will be able to build a wide selection of TomTom API services under the brand, including Routing, Search and Geocoding, Maps and Traffic.

Microsoft’s decision to integrate TomTom location features into Azure LBS undoubtedly gives it a competitive advantage in the market for cloud computing. Partner Director of Azure IoT Sam George said: “TomTom equips us with the infrastructure to provide updates quickly and incrementally to our customers, enabling us to provide the most up-to-date information.”

With TomToms’s one-of-a-kind feedback loop system — an international user base that provides ongoing traffic and map data, thereby ensuring more trustworthy information and richer content — Azure users can be sure they receive location data they can rely on.

The system also provides various options for customisation and opportunities for wider uses than just connected cars. One example includes utilising Azure LBS to improve, study and even influence traffic.

For the business community, reliable location data could help enterprises optimise their fleets, manage logistics and track client engagement. Car manufacturers might implement the location-based services as a device to help drivers avoid accident scenes or discover routes that offer better smartphone reception for work-related calls while they are on the road.

BU Licensing Managing Director Anders Truelsen said: “We’re excited to be working with a company like Microsoft to make our data more accessible than ever.”